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Stana, Reformed Church

almasu judetul salaj - informare si promovare turistica

Going from Almașu or more like from Șaula, through Jebucu you can get to a small locality situated at the end of Stana road. The first documentary attestation of this locality is in 1288, when the village’s name was terra Zthana.

The reformed church from Stana is situated in locality’s centre surrounded by a little stone wall. The construction year is unknown. The entrance is at NE from church. 1836 year can be seen on the door. The tower has 3 levels.

The ceiling is decorated with 78 cassettes. Those from the west side were made by Gyalui Asztalos János in 1743. The other side, 6×6 cassettes, was made during 1836-37, copying the motives with tulips only on the cassettes on diagonally. The pulpit’s crown was made in 1777 by Umling Lőrinc senior. Church’s choir was made probably in 1830’s, and furniture’s ship in XIX century.

almasu judetul salaj - informare si promovare turistica

The little village Stana is famous for a unique house, named Varjúvár – THE CROW FORTRESS. Built by Kos Karoly (1883-1977), renamed architect, graphic artist, writer, ethnograph and politician. He projected: The National Secui Museum and the Hospital of Sfantu Gheorge, the reformed church from the Motilor street of Cluj. He was a good cognizant of the traditions of this region of the country named Kalotaszeg therefore he decided to build a house for his family in Stana. This fortress was the workhouse for Kos Karoly.

At Varjuvar yo can get in two ways: if you have a higher car, ideally a 4×4, from the Cluj-Huedin road you can go to the right to Nădașu, then using the GPS/google maps coordinators you can fallow a trail which goes directly to the hidden behind the trees house. The route is fabulous. The easiest way is from Halta Stana from which you can walk like 10 minutes to Varjuvar – The Crow’s Stronghold.

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